Yorktown Organizations United

Yorktown is a fortunate community with over 100 local Nonprofit Organizations supporting various causes and worthwhile issues. YOUnited (Yorktown Organizations United) was initially formed in response to the community organizations’ desire to share mission statements, programs and events. Quickly, the organizations identified YOUnited as a resource to share their strengths and weaknesses to support each other, as well as identify needs that may be better addressed as a community of organizations. Yorktown residents are the true beneficiaries when we all work together!


YOUnited coordinated the past three annual Yorktown Community Day Events allowing community members to interact with various organizations at the same event. The upcoming 29th Yorktown Community Day will host a Volunteer Fair this Fall to provide valuable opportunities for Yorktown families, teens and senior citizens to become more involved with local organizations.


YOUnited is thrilled to be participating with the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce to highlight a Celebration of Yorktown NonProfit Organizations during the Chamber’s 10th Annual Yorktown Festival and Street Fair held on October 7, 2018. The YCC Celebration of NonProfits will also include YOUnited’s Three Cheers for Volunteers announcing the Volunteer of the Year for each organization.


Throughout the year, YOUnited members step away from their own organizations to meet at the John C. Hart Library and discuss possible workshops or events that could support Yorktown Organizations to share resources and better serve the community. As a 501(c)(3) organization, YOUnited’s immediate plans include website development, social media outreach and a nonprofit workshop series for 2019.